Tennessee unemployment: the details

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In 35 years in the investment business, I have observed that the three most intimate things in most people’s lives are their sexuality, spirituality and money. If you want to know what is really important to someone, observe how he spends his Saturday nights, his money and his Sunday mornings. The people who proclaim their moral superiority by noting that without good health money is worthless are often the same ones who, in a different discussion, quickly note that (someone else’s) money is necessary to provide everyone quality healthcare. There are a lot of people who are vehemently disdainful of … Read More

Abolish the Electoral College? Be careful for what you wish

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In Loving Memory of my Mother, Harriet Barfield Black, August 6, 1918-April 20, 2020 I am having COVID-19 fatigue. It’s appropriate that the first three letters and the last two letters of pandemic spell panic because it seems that every action and reaction to the virus is knee jerk. Our leaders, on virtually every level, medical experts, modelers, politicians, academics and pundits all give the impression that no one knows what they are doing. That is why I have decided on taking a leave of absence from the COVID-19 panic and opine on another subject entirely: the Electoral College. There … Read More

A letter to the class of 2020

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Congratulations. Now your work really starts. If you are leaving high school and headed to college, do not listen to the people who tell you that college will be the best time of your life. I certainly hope that isn’t true for you. Living mostly independently for the first time can be the most important time of your life, but I hope your life doesn’t peak at 20. Right now, you are developing the habits that will serve you for the remainder of your life.  Don’t leave that to chance. Decide what habits you want to have when you are … Read More

Don’t close economy to save it

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There are reasons to continue certain business restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus, but the economy is not one of them. Be wary of those advising that we must close the economy in order to save it. That argument fails the smell test and is based on faulty logic. A recent headline warned, “Economist urges continuation of social distancing to avoid recession.” I have news for this economist: we are going to have a recession. And the longer Americans remain non-producing, the worse it will be. A March 27 policy brief from some different economists (these at the University … Read More

Open your statement

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Open your statement. As tempting as it may be to stick your head in the sand, look at your March 31 401(k) statement. There is a possibility that your actual account value decline is less than you think. It’s not likely, but it’s possible. With the prospect of 25 percent or more unemployment and history’s steepest quarterly GDP decline, your poor first quarter investment return may be less horrible than you imagine. You also need to see what a bad quarter looks like, especially if you’re young. If you’re in your 20s, your 401(k) may have declined 30 percent, but … Read More

The Great Suppression

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Our country has survived a Great Depression and a Great Recession. I have confidence that we will survive this economic calamity. When we do, I suggest we name this period the Great Suppression. Never has a country been intentionally thrust into a recession by its leaders. In a matter of weeks, the process has been repeated by every developed economy, almost simultaneously. The Great Suppression. We don’t have any historical precedent or model for this. An economy isn’t like a television that responds immediately to the pressing of an on/off switch. Well, we’ve learned that an economy does respond pretty instantly when you turn it off. But we can be … Read More

David Moon and Hallerin Hilton Hill

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David and Hallerin Hilton Hill discuss the possible medium-to-long term economic implications of our public policy decisions in the fight against COVID-19. (Hallerin Hilton Hill show, NewsTalk 98.7, March 24, 2020) Listen:

Crisis criminals deserve special hell

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A crisis brings out the good in people. In some people, that is. In others, it brings out their worst – whether it is elected officials in Washington selling their personal hotel stocks before Congress destroys the hotel industry or someone trying to hack into your bank account. We recently had a client who was the target of a very sophisticated attempt at wire fraud – an attempt that included the perpetrator actually registering a domain name almost identical to that of an organization on which our client is a board member. Would-be criminals are using people’s natural good intentions and desire for … Read More

Please be careful

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A crisis brings out the good in people.  In some people, that is.  In others, it brings out their worst.  I’d like to warn you about the latter. As people look for as much information about the health, social and economic effects of this pandemic, criminals are seeking to take advantage, turning common information searches into information theft. Likewise, criminals are attempting to use the good intentions of good people as a way to steal money. We recently had a client who was the target of a very sophisticated attempt at wire fraud – an attempt that included the perpetrator … Read More

Pandemic people watching

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The coronavirus has taught us quite a bit in the past month, even if all of it isn’t true. We’ve learned about flattening the curve and social distancing. And although the primary purpose of Facebook is to propagate misinformation and feed narcissists’ egos, the social media platform can actually be used for good when some kids don’t have ready replacements for their lost school lunches. I’ve learned quite a bit about people. After my third email message within about 10 days to our clients, one of them texted me, telling me that my communiques were appreciated, but a waste of … Read More