Wealth Management

For more than 20 years, Moon Capital Management has served clients with diverse investment needs, applying our expertise to help make decisions and implement plans that meet those needs.

Effective wealth management is the result of two simultaneous processes, one client-focused and the other investment-focused. By identifying and quantifying a client’s needs, we can devise a specific plan and asset allocation to achieve each person’s unique goals.

The effective implementation of an investment plan, however, requires identifying stocks that are attractively priced relative to their cash flow or net asset value. That actively managed group of stocks – our model portfolio – is the equity component of our clients’ asset allocation. It is the link between our investment research and our client-specific planning.

Our two-track process

We are fiduciaries, both legally required and morally committed to serving only our clients’ interests.

We also align our interests with those of our clients. Each of our professionals is invested in the same stocks that we purchase for our clients. In other words, we eat our own cooking.